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About us

People fall for brands for lots of reasons: beauty, intelligence, generosity or a sense of humour. Yet behind all of these aspects lies creativity. Skybox is specialised in nailing this creativity through design. Design to create. enhance and elevate brands and products. Brands people love. We are experienced in strategy, graphic design for both print and digital media.

We combine these skills with extensive technical execution. It is our belief that excellent design promotes clarity of message, irrespective of the medium or technology used. From inspiring identities to appealing and smooth websites, quirky print design or next-level digital execution; we believe in an idea, irrespective of any (technical) limitations. The way we work is based on direct communication with our clients. It is this philosophy that enables our work to exceed expectations.

Our services

From concept to execution in a broad sense. Our services cover everything from brand strategy, creative direction graphic design and illustration. To website design, e-commerce, digital development, mobile design, social campaigns and seo.

  • Creative strategic

    Brand Development
    Brand Positioning
    Brand Strategy
    Creative Direction
    Creative Concepts and Development
    Branding and Identity

  • Design

    Logo and visual identities
    Art direction
    Graphic design
    Service design
    Illustration and Typography
    Packaging Design
    Corporate Materials

  • Websites + Digital

    Responsive Websites
    Content Management Systems
    Mobile applications
    Banner campaigns

  • Social

    Social Media Design
    Facebook Applications

The way we work

Common to all our work is our ambition to create work that truly stands out. Output that not only satisfies our clients' needs but moreover makes a real contribution to our clients business. Without a solid strategy, we lack the fundament for design. And without clear objectives we miss the opportunity to exceeds expectations, and exactly that is what we love to do.
A classic but solid process therefor is elementary in our opinion.

  • Define

    A good brand consists of several building blocks:
    brand vision, mission, positioning and the brand values. We strive to truly define the brand
    and its objective.

  • Create

    This phase brings the brand to life in terms of form, tone of voice and behaviour. We explore the brand’s opportunities in relation to its identity.

  • Deliver

    Once the outlines are set Skybox will define the actual product in a both fundamental and extensive way. Ready for a consistent execution.

  • Evolve

    Materials and applications are delivered ready for use. Skybox can help elaborating an identity. Once delivering interactive means, it is easy to monitor results and optimise if needed to boost the effects.

A selection of our clients


Red Dot Design
Red Dot Award - Packaging design
Honourable Mention
Red Dot Design
Red Dot Award - Packaging design
Red Dot Award - Corporate Website
Red Dot Award - Corporate Design
The Lovie Awards
Silver - Best welcome / home page
Bronze - Best Corporate
Bronze - Best Food & Beverage
Honourable mention
Honourable mention
Honourable Mention
Honourable Mention
The Webby Awards
Honourable mention
Site of the Day
Honourable Mention
Honourable Mention
Site of the Day
Honourable Mention


We are always interested in talented designers/all-round developers; [email protected]